THESSALY: TRIKALA - Trikala Prefecture





General Information

Trikala prefecture is mainly mountainous with astonishing mountainous landscapes and forests. Trikala is a beautiful modern city, flat with very good town planning, streets and big squares. It is built on the site of ancient Trukki known from the years of Homer. It is considered to be the home town of Asklepios. River Lithaios crosses the city with its rich waters and bridges, and gives it a rare beauty. You must visit the central arcade bridge only for pedestrians.

Sights in the city are the Fortress built at the time of Ioustinianos and in the fortress the city clock and the outdoor theater. In the centre of Trikala the ruins of Asclepion of ancient Trikki. Varousi, an old noble district with traditional houses. Also Koursoum Pane build in the 16th century and renovated in 1996 from the Municipality of Trikala.


• the unique beauty route to Pyli – Elati - Pertouli in Pindos with the forests and waters of Aspropotamos river. The region is touristic with beautiful hotels, ski centre and also old churches like the Byzantine Porta Panagia from 1238 A.C. with beautiful mosaics and the Dousikou Monastery

• the cave of Theopetra in the region of Kalampaka with 46.000 years old imprints.

• the historical temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary of the 11th century A.C. in Kalampaka

• the prehistoric settlement in Platia Magoula in Zarko.

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Trikala Prefecture