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Pella is one of the most beautiful prefectures with a lot of natural beauties and important archaeological monuments. It is the place that gave birth to the Macedonian kings, Philippos and Alexander. It has very good climate and rich rural production.

Capital of the prefecture is Edessa, built on the foothill of mountain Vermio with a view to the fertile plain. Edessa is famous for its waterfalls, its age-long planes and its abundant crystal waters. The biggest waterfall Karanos has a height of 70 metres.

Other big cities in the prefecture are Giannitsa that is the bigger city of the prefecture and big economic and industrial centre. Built in the fertile plain that is crossed by the river Loudias it has rich agricultural production. In the region is the “Marsh of Giannitsa” that now has been drained, where the Macedonians gave hard battles against the Bulgarians.

Aridaia town built in the basin of province Almopia and took its name from Philippos C Arridaios, son of Philippos B and stepbrother of Alexander the Great.

Skydra is an important commercial town and export centre. In its fertile plain are produced peaches, pears, cherries, and other fruits. The position of ancient Skydra where goddess Artemis was worshiped is placed on the south of the modern town.


Archaeological sites

Ancient Pella was the capital of the Macedonian state from the end of the 5th beginning of the 4th century B.C.. The city is organised and is extended in the years of Philippos B’ and Kassandros and prospers until its occupation from the Romen in 168 B.C. who ravage it. Progressively other Macedonian cities flourish and in the 1st century B.C. it is destroyed possibly from an earthquake.

Today in the archaeological site are saved:

  • “The private houses”. Big houses with beautiful mosaic floorings. Two of them extent 2.500 – 3.000 sq.m. with mosaic floorings of the abduction of Helen, hunting of deer and amazon battle dated at the 4th century B.C.
  • the “Palace”. An architectural group of extent of 60.000 sq.m. on the northern hill.
  • the “Market”. A building group of Hellenistic years in the centre of the city with extent of 70.000 sq.m. The central square of the market is surrounded by a gallery behind which are four rooms in a row, probably shops and workshops for various products.
  • The Sanctuaries. The Thesmophorion, a sanctuary for goddess Dimitra, the sanctuary of Aphrodite Mother of Gods and the sanctuary of Darron a healer god.
  • The Macedonian Tomb C’ with Ionian facade dated in 300 B.C. and the Macedonian Tomb D with Dorian facade dated in the end of the 4th century B.C.
  • the cemetery and various excavation discoveries of the older city.

The discoveries of the excavations are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Pella Information: 23820-31160

The Archaeological Site of Edessa (Information 23810-25261)
In the region existed initially a small prehistoric settlement from the early Bronze Age (3rd millenium B.C.), which by the 4th century B.C. had developed in to a city with an acropolis and a lower city. By the end of the 4th century B.C. the city was fortified with a monumental wall and was organised. Because of its position on the Egnatia road, the city flourished in the Roman years. According to the signs that were found, in the city they existed a Chamber of deputies, temples of Zeus, Dionysos, Hercules and Ma. Also in the lower city were located two early Christian Basilicas. From the end of the 7th century A.D. the city limits to the Castle of Vodenon on the site of the current city.

Most important monuments today are:

  • the South Gate, which includes s circular courtyard inscribed in a rectangular tower.
  • the monumental paved road that crosses the city. It is surrounded with marble columns and built pillars.
  • the fortification wall of Edessa, constructed around 300 B.C.

The Archaeological site of Archontiko (Mansion) in Giannitsa
The ArcHontiko was and important built-up centre of ancient Votiea.


In the city of Edessa

  • The park of the waterfalls a beautiful verdant park. Under the big waterfall Karano from where the water falls from a height of 70 metres, is a small cave and the church Assumption. In the park is a restaurant, cafeteria and bar and the Information Desk for the visitors.
  • The outdoor Museum of Water.
  • The traditional district Varosi with paved roads. It was the first christian district that was created as a development of the Byzantine settlement after the fall of the city to the Turks.
  • The stone arcade Byzantine bridge in the area Kioupri.
  •  The Small Waterfalls in the centre of the city next to the central market.
  •  The area “Thousand Pines” out of Edessa, ideal for walking and athletic exercise

In the prefecture

  • The ski centre Vora in the region Kaimaktsalan. Altitude 2.480m
  • the Air-athletic centre of Panagitsa
  • The oarsman centre of river Loudia
  • the traditional settlement of Saint Athanassios
  • the water biotope in Agra lake
  • The monastery of Archangel Michael near the village Archangel with marvellous illustrations.
  • The monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary in Laka built in 1814.
  • In Loutraki of Aridaia (Pozar) the thermal spa with thousands of visitors each year. Built in a beautiful green forest, it has hot baths, swimming-pools, installations of spa therapy, hostel, hotels.

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Access – Transport

By Bus
From Thessaloniki and Athens

Pella KTEL (Public Bus Service)
0030 23810-23511 / 0030 23810 – 22800

Macedonia KTEL (Public Bus Service)
Macedonia Public Bus Service
0030 2310 595435

Athens KTEL (Public Bus Service) – Kifisos station
0030 210 5120887

By train
Routs- Customer Service Center: 14511

By plane
Nearest airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki


Area: 2.505,8 sq.Km

Capital: Edessa

Mountains: Voras 2.524m., Vermio 2.027m., Paiko 1.458 m., Pinovo 2.154 m., Tzena 2.182 m.

Rivers: Edessaios, Moglenitsa, Loudias

Lakes: Vegoritida, Agra