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The prefecture of Rethymno is between White Mountains and Psiloritis and is the smaller prefecture of Crete. From one side are the mountainous masses with the traditional villages, the uplands and the canyons and on the other side the astonishing beaches.

The city of Rethymno is built on the ruins of the ancient city Rithymna, around the castle Fortetza that dominates on Palaiokastro hill.

All the city has an air of nobility with the graphic Venetian harbor, the mansions, the domed passages, the narrow alleys and the churches.


  • Fortetza castle built by the Venetians in 1573.
  • the Archaeological Museum next to central gate of Fortetza
  • Lotzia building, that was the clubhouse of the Venetian lords.
  • Rimonti fountain (1626) with great architecture and sculpture
  • Neratze mosque that today is an Odium
  • the Venetian church of the Lady of Angels
  • St. Fragiskos church
  • the mosque of Kara Mousa Pasa
  • the monastery of Agia Irini that has a long history
  • the canyon of Mylos with running waters and watermills

In the prefecture

  • the after-Minoan cemetery near the village Armenioi
  • Idaio Antro near in Anogeia, ancient worship center and according to mythology Zeus was breeded here by the nymph Amaltheia.
  • the ruins of ancient Lappa, big Doric and Roman city, near Argyroupoli
  • Arkadiou Monastery. The historical monastery was initially built in the 14th century and during the Ottoman domination was an intellectual centre. In the revolution of 1866 in the monastery found shelter rebels and citizens from the round villages. When it was conquered by Moystafa the beseiged so that they wouldn’t fall in the hands of the enemy, blew up the powder magazine and were buried under the ruins with the besiegers. From then it constituted a symbol of courage and freedom
  • ancient Eleytherna also known as Apollonia from the worship of Apollo
  • the museum of wax effigies from the history of Crete in Zoniana
  • in Perama, Melidoniou cave of archaeological and historic interest. In 1824 in the cave found shelter hundreds of villagers because they didn’t want to surrender to Housein pasha and he barred the entry put a fire and the people died from suffocation.
  • in Spili is the ancienter vineyard of Crete and around beautiful traditional villages
  • in Zoniana is the impressive cave ” Hole of Sfentoni”
  • in Amari, a graphic village in a fertile valley, is the historical monastery Asomaton (13th century)
  • Preveli monastery, a twin monastery with long history. Today functions only one part the monastery of Saint John the Divine
  • Preveli Lake is in an ideal location, with palm trees where you can walk in the paths and swim in crystal waters
  • ancient Syvritos

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RETHYMNO prefecture


Access – Transportation

By Ship
From Piraeus port.
Rethymno port authority 0030 28310 22276
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600

By Bus
From Athens and Thessaloniki (via Piraeus port) and locally via the bus network.

Rethymno KTEL (Public Bus Service)
0030 28210 93052

Thessaloniki KTEL (Public Bus Service)
Macedonia Public Bus Service
0030 2310 595437

By Plane
Nearest airport: Chania airport “I. Daskalogiannis” 0030 28210 83800


Area: 1.496 sq km

Capital: Rethymno

Rethymno prefecture administratively belongs to the Region of Crete.