Epirus is a geographic region that is located to the northwest far end of Greece. It is adjacent to Albania from northwest, Macedonia and Thessaly from the east, Acarnania from the south and Ionian Sea from the west. Epirus is divided into the following prefectures: Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina, Preveza.

The region is mainly mountainous and the lowlands are located around the rivers estuaries. The largest mountain range in Epirus, as well as the most important in Greece, is Pindus. The mountains Grammos, Smolikas, Tymfi, Athamanika, Tsamanta, Souliou and others are some extensions of the Pindus range.

The most important rivers are: Aoos, Kalamas, Acheron, Louros, Arachthos, a part of Acheloos, while the largest lake is Pamvotida, the lake of Ioannina.

The main sectors of activity are agriculture and livestock farming. An important area of economic activity is the extraction of minerals.

The mountain ranges, the dense forests, the rivers and the lakes combined with the castles, the mosques, the bridges, the lacy coasts, make Epirus an attractive destination.