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The prefecture of Preveza stands at the southwest part of Epirus and it is known for its natural beauties. From the south it is surrounded by the Ionian Sea with its amazing beaches, the tourist installations, the lagoon of Ambracian Gulf, the enchanting lake of Ziros, the scenery alterations of the fertile valleys and the mountainous landscapes.

The town of Preveza, capital and port of the prefecture, is located at the entrance of the Ambracian Gulf. Preveza is a picturesque town of insular characteristics, surrounded by sea on three sides. Enjoy the view by the beach, sit in the small tavernas and the cafeterias, while the town’s interior is characterized by the traditional houses, the castles and the picturesque paved alleys.


In the town of Preveza

  • The castles of Aghios Andreas, Aghios Georgios, Pantokratoras
  • The churches of Aghios Nikolaos and Aghios Ioannis
  • The Venetian Clock Tower at the centre of the town
  • The cathedral of Aghios Charalampos with the wooden carved iconostasis
  • The church of Aghios Athanasios with the famous murals
  • Ecclesiastical Art Museum

In the prefecture

  • At a distance of 7km from Preveza is located the archaeological site of Nikopolis that its area reaches the extent of 9.000 stremmata at the peninsula of Preveza. Nikopolis was founded by the emperor Octavian in memorial of its victory against Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. During the Roman Dominion it used to be a great transportation and commercial centre but decayed after the Barbarian invasions. At the location are saved until nowadays Roman and Byzantine Town walls, an Odeon, Roman buildings, the monument that built Octavianus Augustus after the Battle of Actium, the nympheum, the theatre, the Byzantine churches with the amazing murals.
  • The ancient city of Cassope nearby Kamarina
  • The Monument of Zalongo, where in 1803 the women of Souli preferred to commit suicide, falling from a cliff and dying free than get caught by Ali Pasha.
  • At Kipseli, the monastery of Aghios Dimitrios dated back to 13th century
  • At Riza, the Castle
  • The archaeological site of Necromanteion (or Nekyomanteion), where the ancients thought were located the gates of underworld leading to the Kingdom of Hades. That sanctuary was the place where the people used to resort to with offerings in order to communicate with the souls and gain information after being properly prepared by the priests of the Oracle.
  • The Gates of Acheron, a beautiful area with plane trees and crystal waters nearby Gliki.
  • The ancient city of Orraon
  • The Byzantine castle at Nea Kerasounta

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By Bus
From Athens and Thessaloniki

Preveza KTEL (Public Bus Service)
0030 26820 22213

Macedonia KTEL (Public Bus Service)
Macedonia Public Bus Service
0030 2310 595407

Athens KTEL (Public Bus Service) – Kifisos station
0030 210 5154179

By plane
Aktio airport 0030 26820 26113
Aktio, 4km from the city of Preveza


Area: 1.036 sq km

Capital: Preveza

Preveza prefecture administratively belongs to the Region of Epirus.