Argosaronikos islands

The complex of Argosaronikos islands is located between Attica and the eastern coasts of Peloponnese. It consists of the islands of the Argolic and the Saronic Gulf.

The Saronic Gulf lies between Cape Sounio and Skyllai, has a width of 27 miles and its entrance from the island of Velvina to Elefsina is 37 miles long.

Inside the Saronic Gulf are the islands of Poros, Aegina, Salamina, Agistri and other smaller islands and rocky islands, the Methana peninsula, the port of Piraeus and the bay of Elefsina. On its coasts are beautiful locations and suburbs.

In the Argolic gulf are the islands of Hydra, Spetses and Dokos.

Due to their proximity to Attica they are popular destinations and very well organized.

The islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times and have a long history. Their development was mainly related to shipping and commerce. Their contribution to the revolution of 1821 was decisive.