Sporades are a cluster of islands in the Aegean sea close to Evia and opposite the perfecture of Magnesia. Sporades include the islands of SkiathosSkopelosAlonnisos, Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Skyros and some smaller islands most of which are uninhabited. Administratively Skyros belongs to Evia prefecture, while the rest of the islands belong to the prefecture of Magnesia.

It is believed that Sporades islands was a land united with Magnesia. A part of them, however, sank into the sea and only the higher parts of this land remained above the sea thus creating Sporades islands

The biggest islands are:

Skiathos, with an area of 48 sq. km. The island is mainly covered by pine forests in a percentage of 70 % and it is known for its crystalline and limestone rocks.

Skopelos, with an area of 96 sq. km. Most of its surface is covered also by pine forests, an island with crystal and sedimentary rocks.

Alonnisos, with an area of 65 sq. km. It has pine forests and olive groves in its northern part.

Skyros, with an area of 207 sq. km. It is the biggest island of all. The terrain is quite mountainous and many small coves form on its shores. Skyros is famous for its small horses, its marbles, its folk art and its craftsmanship. It is also famous for its architecture, woodcarving and textiles industry.