Skiathos is a beautiful verdant island of the northern Sporades. Its pine-covered slopes descend to the sea, where a strip of white sand separates the trees from the sea.

Pass by the four small islands that secure Skiathos’ entrance and reach the port. The town is amphitheatrically built over leafy hills. The paved roads, the roof tile white houses and the courtyards full of bougainvilleas and cranesbills compose the picturesque scenery. Skiathos offers a variety of choices for your vacations, tourist shops, restaurants, cafes, modern hotels, guesthouses.

Megali Ammos, Kanapitsa, Xaneros, Megalos Aselinos, Mandraki, Aghia Eleni, Banana, Bromolimnos, Achladies, Tzaneries are some of Skiathos’ most beautiful beaches. Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches in Greece where the pines’ branches lean over the golden sand bay’s emerald green waters. Visit the other beaches of the island with boats from the old port. During the root admire the sea caves and the famous beach of Lalaria with the torn rock and the round pebbles. Don’t forget to visit Tsougkria, the small island with the amazing beach opposite to Skiathos’ port.

At Kastro, the island’s medieval town, lie the remains of many monasteries. The holy icons have been transferred to Skiathos’ churches. Most of those monasteries are dated back to Ottoman rule, with significant influences by Aghio Oros. Even the name “Skiathos” is considered to derive from the words “skia” (shadow) and “Athos” (Aghio Oros).


  • Bourtzi, the small pine covered peninsula that stands opposite to the port and splits it in two, where are saved the remains of the Venetian fortress’ wall. Nowadays functions as Skiathos’ municipality community center with an open theater where take place various events. Do not forget to visit the Public Traditional coffeehouse with view to port’s entrance.
  • The family house of Alexandros Papadiamantis close to the port that nowadays functions as a museum.
  • The monastery of Evaggelistria, built in 1794 by monks from Aghio Oros
  • The Lake, an important wetland, passage for the emigrant birds, one last stop before the journey to the South
  • The Monastery of Aghios Charalampos (1809), where the Greek writer Alexandros Moraitidis chose to retire just before dying.
  • The monasteries of Panagia Eikonistria and Kachria (17th century)
  • Tris Ierarches’church (1846), where is kept the holy icon of Panagia Eikonistria, with the amazing wooden carved iconostasis.
  • The church of Panagia Limnia (1838) at Plakes with the beautiful belfry
  • The wetland of Koukounaries at Strofilia’s lake with the forest and the tourist installations
  • At the northern side of the island, the Kastro built above the rocks
  • The pine forest of Koukounaries.



By Ship
All year round routes with Volos. Also with Mantoydi, Thessaloniki and the surrounding islands.

Port Authorities
Skiathos 0030 24270 22017
Volos 0030 24213 53800
Mantoydi 0030 2227022020
Thessaloniki 0030 2313 325800 & 0030 325821-24

By Plane
Skiathos airport “Alexandros Papadiamantis” 0030 24270 29105
Distance: 2km from Skiathos town

Transportation in Skiathos
By bus from Chora to most points of Skiathos. By boat one can reach most beaches of the island.


Area: 47,4 sq km

Capital: Skiathos

Skiathos municipality administratively belongs to Magnesia prefecture – Thessaly Region.