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Skyros stands in the heart of Aegean Sea at Northern Sporades close to Evia where it belongs administratively. It’s the biggest island of Sporades complex and its extent reaches the 210 km2.

Its natural beauties are overwhelming. Beautiful beaches, caves, thick pine forests, traditional white houses with the characteristic flat roofs and picturesque alleys.
The upper part is full of pines and cultivations while on the other hand on the northeast side dominate the rock terrain and the bushes. At the mountain Kochilas and the plateau Ari inhabit the famous Skyros ponies one of a kind in the whole world that remind a horse miniature of one metre with a big fat neck. Skyros pony dates back to antiquity and it is found in ancient reliefs.

The town of Skyros is amphitheatrically built around the byzantine castle raised over the ancient acropolis’ ruins. The houses are built too close to one another and in a cube-shape all around the castle for the fear of an invasion. On account of small spaces, the layout is inventive in order to fill in all household effects. The visitors can admire the local architecture, the artistic woodcarvings and the Byzantine theme ceramics.

The nature lovers shall find unique plants such as the black tulip, the wild orchid but also the rare hawk, Mavropetritis. Skyros’ agricultural products are unique, as the farmers continue to use the traditional preparation methods. Cheese, honey, herbs, meat, fish and seafood are the main ingredients that being used in Skyros’ traditional cuisine which impresses for its quality.

The mountain and sea combination allows the practice of many sports, such as hiking in beautiful natural paths, mountain climbing, cycling, wind surfing, sea ski, diving and at the same time its ideal for motorcycling or 4×4 vehicle off the road drives.

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  • The ancient acropolis’ remains
  • Byzantine castle-fortress on the top of Skyros’ hill built over the ancient acropolis’ ruins.
  • Saint George monastery into the castle which is a metochion of Aghio Oros built by Byzantine emperors
  • The Byzantine style built churches as Archontopanagia, Aghia Triada, Panagia Eleimonitria and many others.
  • The carved tombs at Atsitsa at the spot Markesi
  • The findings of the Neolithic settlement-port at Palamari
  • The box-shaped tombs dated back to Iron Age at Magazia
  • The pine covered region of Atsitsa ideal for swimming, with the impressive rocks and the small wagon that used to transfer the minerals to the sea.
  • The natural caves across the coast
  • The Brooke’s grave, an English poet who fought at Skyros during World War I.
  • The volcano islands “podies” with the cormorants
  • The wood carving and pottery workshops
  • Historic and Faltaits Folklore museum
  • Archaeological museum


Because of its geographic position, Skyros was a commercial center since the Bronze Age and developed relations with Cyclades, Northern Aegean and continental Greece.
According to mythology there, in King Likomide’s palace, Thetis kept hidden, dressed like a woman, her son Achilles in order not to go to fight at the Trojan War. Moreover it was the place where Theseus died.
In 470 B.C. the Athenian general Kimon conquered the island and send away the pirates that used it as their starting point.
During the Roman dominion many mines were made at the island for the extraction of the famous Skyros’ rock and the colorful marbles. The island was conquered by Venetians and Turks and became a part of Greece in 1830.

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See famous traditional customs according to the season that you will visit the island such as the numerous traditional fiestas, Skyros’ traditional wedding and the traditional carnival.
Over the last few years Skyros hosts a race of UCI World Cycling Tour, Skyros’ Cycling challenge.

Featured Hotels

Nefeli Hotel

Nefeli Hotel - Skyros

Chora, Skyros

0030 22220 91964

Perigiali Hotel

Perigiali Hotel - Skyros

Magazia, Skyros
0030 22220 92075 / 00
0 22220 91889


Maestralia Skyros

Molos Xiropigado, Skyros
0030 22220 91204

Agalipa Studios

Agalipa Studios Skyros

Gyrismata, Skyros
0030 22220 92 456



Aspous, Skyros
0030-22220 93300



By ship
Skyros is connected all year round with Kymi Evia.

Skyros Shipping Co
Information and bookings
Skyros Agency +30 22220 91790
Kymi Agency +30 22220 22020

Port Authorities
Skyros port authority: +30 22220-93475
Kymi port authority: +30 22220-22606

By plane
Skyros airport

By Bus
From Chalkida Evia and Athens

Chalkida Bus Station
+30 22210 20400


Area: 210

Capital: Chora

Mountains: Kohilas 792m., Olympos 403 m.

Surrounding islands: Skyropoula, Valaxa, Rinia, Sarkino.


Municipality: 0030 22220 50300
Police: 0030 22220 91274
Health Center: 0030 22220 92222

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