Myrina view from the castle


Limnos was according to the myths the island of ancient god Hephaistos and his main place of worship. The visitor is impressed with the beaches with crystal waters, the plains and the volcanic landscapes and the repeatedly changing scenery. Limnos, is also known for its archaeological places, and historical monuments.

Myrina, the capital and harbour, is in the same location with the ancient city, and the Byzantine castle dominates on the top of a rock.

Moudros, with its leeward bay, was the old capital of the island and during the first world war was used as a base of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

Kontopouli, built in a plain of corn, is near two graphic lakes that are important biotopes for the island.

Kornos, one of the most beautiful villages in Limnos, famous for its sweets, combines the natural beauty with its neoclassic mansions.

In Plaka with the big harbour and the boats you can enjoy fresh fish and good wine.

Poliohni, the ancienter neolithic settlement in Aegean, the place were the ancient Kaveirian mysteries took place, the city Ifestia, the Byzantine fortresses, are the most important sights one can admire in the island.

Romaikos Gialos, Riha Nera, Alvlona, Thanos, Ag.Sotira,Kolokythi, Koskinas and Evgatis are some of the beautiful beaches of the island.

  • Λήμνος Μυρίνα
  • Limnos
  • Λήμνος - Πολιόχνη
  • Limnos - Kabiria sanctum
  • Λήμνος - Παναγιά η Κακαβιώτισσα
  • Limnos
  • Λήμνος αμμοθίνες
  • Λήμνος Αλυκή


The prehistoric settlement of Poliochni. Poliochni was one of the bigger centers of the precocious season of Coper and owes its growth in the leading role it had in the distribution of trade with the islands of the Aegean. It is considered the ancienter organised city of Europe and place of birth of democracy.

Kabiria sanctum
It is dated from the 8th B.C. up to the later antiquity. The archaeological excavations revealed buildings of the archaic and hellenistic years.
Kabiri were the three sons of Hephaestus (Vulcan) and Kabirous and were worshipped in Lιmnos as deities.

The second most important city of Limnos in historic years.

Τhe Venetian castle in Myrina.

Τhe prehistoric settlement of Myrina

Τhe sanctuary of Artemis in Avlona.

Τhe biotopes in Hortarolimni and Aliki lakes.


  • Archaeological Museum of Myrina
  • Folklore Museum of Portiano
  • Museum of Naval tradition and sponge fishing in Nea Koutali
  • Λήμνος - Διαπόρι - Ταβέρνα Εν Πλω
  • Λήμνος - Διαπόρι - Ταβέρνα Εν Πλω
  • Λήμνος - Διαπόρι - Ταβέρνα Εν Πλω
  • Λήμνος - Διαπόρι - Ταβέρνα Εν Πλω



By Plane
Limnos airport “Ifestos” 0030 22540 29400
Distance: 18 km from Myrina

By Ship
From Kavala, Thessaloniki, Lavrio and the surrounding islands.
Myrina port athority 0030 22540 22225

On the island you can go about with taxis and buses.


Area: 477,6 sq km

Capital: Myrina

Limnos municipality administratively belongs to Lesvos prefecture – North Aegean Region.