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Larissa is the capital of Larissa prefecture and is located at the right shore of the river Pinios and at northeast of fertile Thessalic flatland. Larissa is one of the most ancient cities in Greece with rich history since the Paleolithic era. According to mythology, the city was built by Larissus, the son of Pelasgus. Larissa used to be the capital of Pelasgiotis, one of the four cities of the Thessaly and prospered in 6th-5th century B.C. as well as in the Byzantine era. The archaeological excavations have discovered many findings, the most important of which are the two ancient theatres. The first one stands at the south slope of the hill Frourio and it was built in the end of 3rd century B.C. and it used to function until the Roman Period when it was built the second one. Larissa faced invasions by Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Franks, Bulgarians and Serbians.

Nowadays Larissa is a modern city full of life with many industries and intense commercial activity.
Visit the Archaeological Museum as well as the Folklore and Historic Museums. At the prefecture of Larissa are produced grain, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, wine and tsipouro (Tyrnavos) that is considered one of the best in Greece.


The customs and the traditions of Larissa are not different from those of the other Greek regions, always present in fiestas, weddings and other happy occasions.
Every year on September 25 at Alkazaar takes place the Fair of Larissa, which used to be a cattle market but nowadays is a trade fair. The farmers and the merchants bring their products and many people are gathered. At that trade you can buy the famous Chalvas Farsalon.

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0030 2310 595430

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Routs- Customer Service Center: 14511


Area: 5.381

Capital: Larisa

The Prefecture of Larissa belongs to the Region of Thessaly and consists of the municipalities of Agia, Elassona, Kileler, Larisseon, Tempon, Tyrnavou and Farsalon.