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The capital of Korinthia prefecture abstains 84 km from Athens, and has 30.000 residents. The city is ideal for visiting all through the year.

Corinth is famous for its Isthmus, today it is a canal, with its many historical and mythological reports. It is the urban and administrative centre of the prefecture of Korinthia with great tourist infrastructure at the seashore of the Corinthian and Saronikos gulfs and in Loutraki.

In the city of Corinth you should visit the metropolitan temple of Apostle Paul, the Ecclesiastical Museum and 7 km further the archaeological area of Ancient Corinth.
The most important monuments are the mythical Krini of Glayke, the temple of Apollo, the road Lehaiou that connected the city with the harbour of Lehaion and the Krini Perini. Also, near is Julie Vasiliki where were contained statues of the family of Julious Caesar and the magnificent Southern Arcade that was one of the bigger buildings in ancient Greece. Finally Akrokorinthos is the bigger and older castle of Peloponnese.


  • Ancient Corinth
  • Isthmus
  • Helens Baths
  • Nemea
  • Stymfalia lake


The older archaeological discoveries of the area are from the Neolithic era but the ancient Corinth knew particular prosperity from the 9th until the 5th century BC. Corinth was one of the bigger commercial and naval forces in the ancient Greek world and during the Peloponnisian war allied with her neighbour Sparta. Later she became a member of the Achaian confederation and had the seat of the Pan-Hellenic Corinthian alliance under the leadership of Alexander the Great, while in 146 BC was conquered by the Romans.
The city flourished once more during the Roman occupation and was one of the most glorious cities at the time in the economical and cultural areas. Milestone for the long-lasting history of the city is the visit of Apostle Paul at 52 AD who preached Christianity in the region. During the next centuries Korinthia suffered from the attacks of the Goths, Slavs, pirates, Francs, Knights of Rhodes, the Venetians and Turks.

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Area: 2.290 sq km

Capital: Corinth

Korinthos prefecture belongs to the administrative regional unit of Peloponnese and includes the municipalities of Velou-Vohas, Korinthia, Loutraki-Perachora-Ag.Thodoroi, Nemea, Xylokastro-Evrostini and Sikionia.