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Argos was founded and is in the same region for 5.000 years. It is the oldest city in Greece, perhaps and in Europe, with enormous historical and archaeological background.
Argos is on the road axis of Mycenae – Nauplio – Epidaurus and is 135 km away from Athens with which it is connected by road and railway. It is the bigger city, the economic and commercial centre in the prefecture of Argolida, with big rural production and developed industry.
Argos has lots of archaeological monuments with more famous the impressive 4th century BC Ancient Theatre, with a capacity of 20.000 spectators, built on rock. In the same region are the Roman Baths, the Ancient Conservatoire, the Ancient Market and the Criterion.
Argos On the hill Larissa, westwards the city dominates the Medieval Castle and at the hillside is the historical church of Virgin Mary Katakekrimmenis. A little to the north is the hill Aspida with the prehistoric sanctuary of Diradas with the Mycenaenian graves.
Despite the mass of antiquities and the justified archaeological interest it presents, Argos is a modern city full of life.


Argolis area is inhabited since the 8th millennium BC. and its development began in 1600 BC with the appearance of the Mycenaean civilization. In the 13th century BC The Achaian civilization from Argolis spread throughout the Mediterranean, the then-known world.
Upon the end of the Peloponnesian war, Argolida became a member of the Achaic Confederacy and later was conquered by the Romans and finally became part of the Byzantine Empire.
New conquerors appeared later, the Venetians, the Franks and the Turks (1460), who occupied the area until the Greek Revolution of 1821, with the exception of Nafplion that was raided in 1540.

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By Bus

Argolida KTEL (Public Bus Service)
0030 27510 69323

Athens KTEL (Public Bus Service) Kifisos station
0030 210 5134588

By Train
Routes- Customer Service Center: 14511

By Ship
From Piraeus.
From Argolida, Porto Heli, Nafplio, Tolo and Ermioni to Spetses Hydra Poros depending on the season.
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600
Porto Heli port authority 0030 27540 53333
Ermioni port authority 0030 27540 31243
Nafplio port authority 0030 27520 27022


Area: 2.154 sq km

Capital: Nafplio

Argolida prefecture belongs to the administrative regional unit of Peloponnese and includes the municipalities of Argos-Mycenae, Epidavros, Ermionida and Nafplio.