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The prefecture of Serres is characterized for its unique natural beauties like the mountains with the forests, the gorges, lake Kerkini, the cave of Alistrati, the delta of river Strimonas and the therapeutic springs.

The history of the region is rich and begins from the Neolithic era until the Macedonian Fight and the Balkan wars. Hard battles took place here at the Byzantine period against the raids of Bulgarians and Serbs. In the 14th century the region is occupied by the Turks and in the revolution of 1821 the residents rouse under the leadership of Emmanouil Papas. After that the reason is troubled with the Macedonian fights without which Macedonia would have been lost. The region was finally released in 1913 during the Balkan wars.


The archaeological site of Amphipolis

Amphipolis was founded by the Athenian general Agnonas on the outfalls of river Strimonas and was an important colony of the Athenians at the antiquity for its strategic position and for its rich mines in Pangeo mountain. The region was already inhabited since the Neolithic era according to the archaeological discoveries. In 422 B.C. however during the Peloponnesian war, Amphipoli defected from the metropolis Athens and remained an autonomous city until its integration to the kingdom of Macedonia from Philippos B’ (357 B.C.). When Macedonia was conquered by the Romans, Amphipoli was an important city and station of Egnatia road.

In the archaeological site you will see parts of the fortification walls and on their northern side the bigger gate of the city, sanctuaries dedicated to various gods, buildings of the ancient city and cemeteries of Macedonian type.

The Christian Amphipolis is found in the same archaeological site in the place of the citadel. With the establishment of Christianity at the Byzantine period, Amphipoli became an important christian pilgrimage. Apostle Paul passed from here on his way to Thessaloniki. Until today four Basilicas were excavated of the 5th and 6th century and also signs, relief, vessels and other.

  • the Lion of Amphipolis, a burial monument of the 4th century B.C..
  • the Archaeological museum of Amphipolis with all the discoveries from the archaeological site from the prehistoric times until the Byzantine years, like jewels, coins, busts, murals and other.
  • Alistratis cave a wonder of nature with stalactites and stalagmites in thousands of shapes.
  • the canyon of Aggitis river, with rich vegetation. Aggitis river is ideal for rafting.
  • the water biotope of Lake Kerkini that is artificial and was created in 1932. The biotope is protected from the treaty Ramsar and it has big interest from ornithologist view with more than 300 species of birds. The route around the lake is of astonishing beauty.
  • The ski centre of Lailia on an altitude of 1.600 metres in a forest of beeches and firs.
  • the citadel in the city of Serres on the hill Koula, with ruins of the ancient and Byzantine citadel, the “Tower of Orestis” and the Temple of Saint Nikolaos of the 14th century in the northern side of the castle.
  • Mpezesteni in the city of Serres, a preservable Turkish building, that accomodates the Archaeological Museum of the city.
  • the Monastery of St. Prodromos dated at the 13th century a monument of astonishing beauty and the Museum of Byzantine Art situated in the depth of a gorge full of sycamores and pines, 9 km from the city of Serres.
  • the Monastery of Virgin Mary Eikosjfoinissa on the northern side of Pageo mountain founded in the 10th century.

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Area: 3.967 sq km

Capital: Serres

Serres prefecture administratively belongs to the Region of Central Macedonia.