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The island covers an area of 121,5 sq Km and stands at a distance of 138 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. Its oblong shape and the mountainous nature form impressive steep and rocky coasts with sandy beaches.
The island is situated in the eastern part of Cyclades close to Naxos and the Dodecanese islands. It is an ideal place for vacations with easy access to Small Cyclades (Koufonisja, Donousa, etc).


  • Innumerable churches with unique byzantine relics can be found all over the island, typical examples of the traditional insular architecture.
  • The Venetian Castle at Chora
  • The archaeological collection
  • The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa with the rare relics built into the rocks.
  • The ancient town of Minoa
  • Kastri at the area of the ancient city Arkesini


Amorgos is inhabited since 4.000 BC, as demonstrate the findings on the hill of Mountoulia, that hulks over Katapola port. The third millennium BC was extremely important for Amorgos, as Cycladic culture was spread to the island. However, early in the second millennium BC, it was influenced by the Minoan culture. During that period was created and prospered Minoa, the legendary resort of Minos, over Mountoulia hill. Afterwards the Mycenaean Culture was predominant at Amorgos, while later the island was inhabited by Naxians who established Arkessini. In the 7th century BC, Ionians from Samos came to Minoa, as well as colonists from Militos that founded Egiali. Since the 6th century BC, Amorgos gets to a phase of economic and intellectual prosperity due to its geographic position.
At Classical Age, Amorgos was a member of the Athenian League and in 337 BC the island pertained to Macedonian kingdom, maintaining close ties with the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty after the dissolution of the Macedonian Empire. As a part of the Asian province of the Roman Empire, Amorgos became an exile island for eminent Roman dignitaries, but also famous for its wine and other products.
Above the foundation of the Byzantine Empire, at the island have already arrived the first Christians. The decaying of Byzantium and the pirates’ dominion in the Aegean forced the populace to move to the island’s interior until the 9th century. Two centuries later, the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa was built by the Emperor Alexios Komninos.
Later the island was conquered by Venetians and in 1537 by the Turks. The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa was the island’s intellectual and religious centre, Amorgos prospered economically and then as a part of the independent Greek state had a populace of 3500 habitants. During its modern history, Amorgos accomplished to maintain its unique physiognomy, even though it was affected by the immigration.

Featured Hotel

Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Aegiali, Amorgos
0030 22850 73393 0030 22850 73395
Aegialis Hotel and Spa stands at a location of unique beauty at Aegiali, offering magnificent view to Aegean. Built according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style, over a calm bay, satisfies the visitor’s need for serenity and body and mind refreshment. Aegialis Hotel and Spa’s aim is to provide to its visitors a unique experience of an authentic Greek island local life. The warm welcoming from the owners and the staff, the high level of the services provided and the installations, as well as the unique view, secure a memorable residence. The sea therapy and beauty centre “Lalon Idor” SPA is located in an independent hotel building, designed and decorated in a way that strengthens the sensations, using the sea water’s therapeutic abilities. Special treatments are offered by experienced and specialized staff. Aegialis Hotel and Spa’s installations include: the restaurant “Ambrosia Gallery”, the restaurant “Nick’s Pizza” next to the outdoor pool, the Wet Café Pool Bar, the Fresh Bar at the Spa. The visitors have free access to the Spa’s installations (sauna, hammam, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, indoor heated pool with hot baths and fully equipped gym), hair salon and therapy rooms but also other four indoor and outdoor halls for yoga and pilates where take place seminars with professors from all over the world. Aegialis hotel and spa is an ideal destination for weddings and honey moon trips./span>


Access – Transport

By ship
From Piraeus port

Amorgos Katapola port authority 0030 22850 71259
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600


Area: 121,5

Capital: Amorgos

Mountains: Krikelos 821m, Prophet Ilias 700m, Korakas 524m.

Amorgos municipallity belongs to the administrative district of Naxos (Cyclades prefecture – South Aegean Region).