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Andros is the northernmost island in Cyclades complex and the second in area after Naxos.
Scattered with many white settlements, and cosmopolitan tourist resorts, Andros is the ideal place for vacations, even for a weekend, due to its proximity to the port of Rafina. According to mythology, the island was named after Andros, Apollo’s grandson. Andros was inhabited by Carians, Phoenicians, Cretes and in 1000 BC by Ionians.
Imposing mansions, small uphill roads, courtyards filled with scents from basil and spearmint, dominate Chora, the capital. Chora is on a peninsula, between two big beaches, Nimporio and Paraporti.
The old city enchants the visitor and leads to the remains of the Venetian castle, above an isle connected to the main land with a picturesque bridge, built in the 13th century by Marinos Dandolos. At Mesa Kastro visit the ruins and the stone arched bridge that used to connect the fortress with the small peninsula on which has been built the medieval state, the Kato Kastro, the island’s latest settlement. At the big square admire the statue of the “Unknown sailor”, an artwork of the sculptor Michalis Tomporos.
At the port’s entrance stands the eminent lighthouse Tourlitis. Visit the churches of Palatiani, Aghios Georgios, Panagia Odigitria and the catholic church of Aghios Andreas.
At Andros is located the Archaeological Museum with the important exhibits, a donation by Vasilis and Elisa Goulandris. See the statue of Hermes of Andros, a wonderful marble copy of Hermes of Praxitelis, from the Hellenistic period, a sample of the island’s culture at the time.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, has almost convert the island to a metropolis of fine arts, since visitors come from all over the world, in order to see the exhibitions of great painters as Matis, Picasso etc., but also samples of the artwork of Andros’ big sculptor, Michael Tompros.
Andros’ Maritime Museum includes a rich collection boat models, naval instruments etc


Museum of Contemporary Art
Archaeological Museum
Maritime Museum
Folklore and Christian Art Museum
Kairios Library
Kydonieos foundation
Zagora’s ancient settlement
The prehistoric settlement of Strofilas
Aladino Cave
Panachrantou Monastery
Aghios Nikolaos Monastery
Aghia Marina Monastery
St. Peter’s Tower
Sotiros Monastery Zoodochos Pigi Monastery
Archaeological site of Ipsili
Archaeological site of Palaiopoli
Neolithic settlement at Mikroghiali
Dipotamata Canyon Ano Korthi
Tromarchion Monastery
Faneromenis Castle
Prehistoric site of Plaka



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Andros port authority 0030 22820 22250
Rafina port authority 0030 22943 21200


Area: 380

Capital: Andros

Andros municipality administratively belongs to Cyclades prefecture (South Aegean Region).