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Santorini is an island located at the south end of Cyclades. Its unusual geological morphology is a result of a volcano eruption. The thick volcano lava came out of the depths of the earth, through the sea and created that red-black mass with steep precipices and imposing colours.
Santorini is a complex of three islands. “THIRA” is the main island, “THIRASIA” a smaller one, and “ASPRONISI” a small uninhabited one. These three are the remains of a big prehistoric island called Strongilli because of its round shape and later Kallisti because of its beauty. Around 1450 BC, due to a huge volcano eruption, Stroggili’s centre was sunk and Caldera was formed. Centuries later appeared as volcanic cones the islands “Palia Kameni” and “Nea Kameni”, where the volcanic crater is located.
Santorini stands at a distance of 128 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus, while its extent reaches the 76 sq. km, and the length of its coasts the 70km.
At the island’s west side (Thira) dominate the big cliffs with the white houses built even into the rocks. On the other hand, the east side is characterised by the big beaches some full of sand and others of pebbles. Santorini’s main mountains are “Megalo Vouno” and “Gavrilos”. Following the island’s coast see the cape “Mavropetra”, Kolumbo, Kamari and admire the bays “Athinio”, “Kato Fira”, as well as the capes Skaros and Oia.
Fira is the island’s capital, an extremely beautiful and cosmopolitan village with narrow streets, arcades and an amazing view to the gulf where the islands Kamenes stand.
At the island’s fertile volcanic terrain are being produced many high quality products as the famous wines, the yellow pea, tomatoes and a type of cheese called “chloro”.


  • The Archaeological museum with the findings from the prehistoric, the Hellenistic and the Roman periods.
  • Ancient Thira, a site of great archaeological interest. The city was inhabited by Phoenicians, Dorians, Romans and Byzantines. During the excavations have been found buildings, an ancient agora, theatres, bath houses, the residence of Ptolemy Euergetes, tombs from the archaic and classic periods, temples of Apollo, Hermes, Hercules and of Egyptian gods as well, since Santorini due to its position was used by the Ptolemies as their naval base.
  • At Akrotiri the on going excavations have found an entire ancient town, with roads, squares, multi-storey houses, shops etc.
  • Oia a beautiful village, famous for its amazing sunset.
  • The volcano at Nea Kameni
  • The monastery of Prophitis Ilias and the nearby Byzantine church.



By Ship
From Piraeus port, Rafina port and the surrounding islands

Santorini port authority 0030 22860 22239
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600
Rafina port authority 0030 22943 21200

By Plane
Santorini airport 0030 22860 28400-2


Area: 72 sq km

Capital: Fira

Thira municipality administratively belongs to Cyclades prefecture (South Aegean Region).