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Halki stands westwards of Rhodes, a small island that is inhabited since ancient times. Its name seems to derive from the cooper mines that used to be in the area. (Greek word for copper is halkos)
It has been characterized as the island of friendship and peace for young people from all over the world, an ideal place for serene vacations.
The residents are mainly occupied with sponge fishing, livestock and tourism.
The island’s capital and port is Halki or Emporios, built amphitheatrically on the sides of the hill with beautiful houses overlooking the bay.


  • The remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo at Pefkia region
  • “Kamenos Spilios” at Amiglai where the Venetian admiral Morozini killed the residents who find shelter in the cave, by setting a fire to its entrance and thus taking revenge of Halki’s residents for having informed the Rhodians and as a result preventing him from occupying the island of Rhodes.
  • The monasteries of Archangel Michael with the rare holy icon, Aghios Ioannis Alagras, ideal for guest housing and the one of Aghia Triada.
  • Aghios Nicholas church dated back to 1861, with a rare wood carved iconostasis and murals.


• Pontamos
• Ftenagia
• Trahia
• Gyali



By Ship
From Piraeus port and Rhodes island.

Chalki port authority 0030 22460 45220
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600


Area: 27 sq km

Capital: Chalki

Chalki municipallity belongs to the administrative district of Rhodes (Dodecanese prefecture – South Aegean Region).