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Kasos is the southest island of Dodecanese islands and is very close to Karpathos and Crete.
Homer mentions the island as being one of those that took part in the Trojan War.
Kasos was famous from antiquity for its fleet, its nautical tradition and commercial activities that made it a rich island. Due to its closeness with Crete the islands developed a commercial and nautical activities. In 1824 the people of Kasos helped the rebelled Cretes with their fleet and for revenge the Turks destroyed the island.
In 1948 Kasos was united with Greece like the rest of the other Dodecanese islands.

Kasos coasts are rocky with only a few beaches for swimming.
In the capital Fri, characteristic is the stone houses that maintain the traditional dodecanesian architecture. The main settlements of the island are those of Agia Marina and Arvanitochori with 500 inhabitants.


  • In Fry a monument to the heroes of 1821 with four small cannons around it.
  • In Poli, traces of the ancient fortress of Kasos
  • the church of Agios Spyridonas, patron saint of the island
  • the archaeological collection housed in the old town hall.
  • in Agia Marina one can visit the churches of Agia Marina, Christ and the Holy Cross
  • the Church of Genesis Theotokou built in 1856 located in Emborios.
  • Cave Ellinokamara used as a shelter and cave Selai with stalactites.
  • Bouka, a picturesque bay with its wooden fishing boat.



By Ship
From Piraeus port, Rhodes, Crete and the surrounding islands.
Kasos port authority 0030 22450 41288
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600

By plane
Kasos airport 0030 22450 41587


Area:  66,4 sq km

Capital: Fri

Kasos municipality administratively belongs to Dodecanese prefecture (South Aegean Region).