Dodecanese| Kastellorizo Info

Kastellorizo is the most eastern part of Greece. It is inhabited by 450 people and is an ideal place for quiet holidays. The traditional houses, the churches, the alleys and the graphic port will impress the visitor.
Kastellorizo has a long history going back to the prehistoric times. Its name Kastelorizo derives from the castle of the island built by St. John Knights who named it Castello Roso due to the red rocks around it. The island had great nautical and commercial activity and generally followed the history of the other Dodecanese islands.


  • Palaiokastro the most important monument on the island since it is there since the Byzantine era.
  • The Medieval Castle built in the 14th century by St. Johns Knights. Lampros Katsonis destroyed the castle in 1788 forcing the Turks to leave the island.
  • “Lykios Tomb” (5-4 cent. BC) carved on a rock.
  • the church of St. Constantine and St.Helena (built1835), cathedral of Kastelorizo, of gothic architecture. Tradition has it that on this very site St. Helena herself had had a first smaller church built after she was saved from a tempest on her way to the Holy Land in quest of the Cross. What is certain is that the foundations of the actual constructions are laid into the site of an early Christian basilica.
  • the Blue Cave or Phokialis, one of the most scenic caves of its kind in the entire Mediterranean.

• Archaeological and Folklore museum


• Faros
• Plakes
• Mandraki



By Ship
From Piraeus port and Rhodes island
Megist port authority 0030 22460 49010
Piraeus port authority 0030 213 2147600

By plane
Kastellorizo airport 0030 22460 49502


Area:  9,2 sq km

Capital: Megisti

Megisti municipallity belongs to the administrative district of Rhodes (Dodecanese prefecture – South Aegean Region).